• The M577 is designed to be a multi-role vehicle. Despite being well-armed and armoured, this lightweight vehicle can be deployed rapidly into any theatre of war

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  • Deep within the countless Citadels of Algeroth, teem hordes of Tekrons. Each and every one working tirelessly, manufacturing a varied arsenal of vile machines of destruction for Algeroth, the lord of War and Technology

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  • The Nova is a small, unmanned scout jet that is piloted by a Cuirassier AI brain module. Developed to act as a forward observer for Propaganda forces, its systems are directly linked into those Mirrorman units on the ground.

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  • The Bauhaus T-32 Junior Battle Tank, also known as the Wolfclaw, is a staple in the armies deployed to fight in dense flora-infested terrain.

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  • Originally designed for engagements within the dark, water-filled caverns of Mercury, the Dragonbike has since been adapted by local keiretsu on other planets to provide a fast response against massed infantry and armoured threats alike

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