Cybetronic Nova

Cybetronic Nova

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The Nova is a small, unmanned scout jet that is piloted by a Cuirassier AI brain module. Developed to act as a forward observer for Propaganda forces, its systems are directly linked into those Mirrorman units on the ground.

Utilizing the same stealth technology that Mirrormen have, the Nova is able to blend in against the backdrop of the sky or any other atmospheric conditions, effectively making it appear almost invisible. Once spotted, a Nova will drop its camouflage and activate its armour coating. This catches any light, no matter how ambient, and projects it to blind its enemies to its real position.

While not a very hardy craft, the Nova packs a pair of SSW4200P HMGs to deal with lightly armoured targets, as well as an SSW5500 Rocket Launcher in case it has to tangle with armoured foes.

Box contains:

1x Cybetronic NOVA

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Cybetronic Nova

Cybetronic Nova

This is Pre-order.

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