AVP Alien Infants

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AVP Alien Infants

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Hostile, deadly and numerous.

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These aliens are the most basic of all xenomorph hive creatures, similar to a worker bee. Also referred to
as Drones, they are responsible for the construction of alien hives by using a strong resin-like material they
secrete. Spawned from human hosts, they stand roughly seven feet tall and sport smooth, elongated heads. As
they age and mature, the smooth carapace sloughs off, revealing the ridged structures that adult Warriors have.
Another job the Drones have is to procure captives for the hive to birth more xenomorphs. In combat, they are
able to wield their long tails with deadly accuracy, the bladed tips able to punch through marine combat armour.

Like several other evolutions, they too are able to spit acid at their enemies and can do so with great ability. They
also have enormous strength and they are able to easily subdue an adult human, or even fight a yautja head on.
Drones often work alone, using stealth and waiting in ambushes to attack their prey. Their jet-black exo-skeleton
allows them to blend into their environments; curiously well among the pipes and shrouded alcoves of starships.
When they work together, a pack of them will often force their quarry directly into an ambush by chasing it
around. Fear makes for a wonderful weapon.

Box contains

  • 5x 32mm scaled resin miniatures
  • 5x ping tokens
  • 1x stat card
  • 5x plastic base


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AVP Alien Infants

AVP Alien Infants

Hostile, deadly and numerous.

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