Predator Young Bloods

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Predator Young Bloods

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More hunters join the game.

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Adolescent yautja comprise the ranks of the Youngbloods, those that have not yet been Blooded with their first
kill. While still seen as predator children, a Youngblood is more than a match for a trained, human soldier. They
are fully grown and ready to embark on their first Hunt to become fully accepted into the clan proper as an adult.

Most yautja are Blooded during Hunts that are conducted against captured xenomorphs housed within a yautja
pyramid, which the Predators see as an apex creature. Upon slaying their first xenomorph, they will ritually mark
themselves and their bio-mask with the creature’s acid blood, elevating their status to the ranks of the Blooded.
They are also then permitted use of the powerful shoulder-mounted weapon known as the plasmacaster, in
addition to rest of their personal arsenal.

Most often the Youngbloods are dispatched in teams of three to five into their first Hunt. In a society built upon
the fiercest fighters in the galaxy, only the strong survive and those too weak to complete the trial are killed.
Successful yautja go on to collect trophies all over the galaxy, hunting all manner of aliens and enemies.

Box consists of:

  • 3x resin miniatures
  • 3x plastic bases
  • 1x stat card


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Predator Young Bloods

Predator Young Bloods

More hunters join the game.

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