AVP Alien Warriors UniCast

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AVP Alien Warriors UniCast

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Fully developed and mature alien warrior is core of Alien Hive.

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When one refers to xenomorphs, they are most likely referring to the Warrior strain, as they are by far the
most numerous of all. The most recognizable shape of them is spawned from a human host. Eight feet tall and
highly agile, they walk on two legs but can often move with blinding speed if they drop to all fours. They can
be identified by their sleek, elongated head that is covered in rows of ridges and the set of four dorsal tubes
on their back.

The agility of a Warrior allows it to scale sheer walls with ease, swiftly navigate through tight pipes and tunnels,
and leap across chasms and long distances as if it were travelling on the ground. They are strong as well, able
to lift a synthetic from the ground and tear it in half with little effort. Like many xenomorphs, they will use their
strong skulls to bash enemies and doors alike. A Warrior will sometimes even use its whip-like tail to unbalance
a foe before finishing it off with a strike from its claws or a bite from its secondary teeth.

The Warrior xenomorphs also appear to ignore pain inflicted upon them, as they have been seen fighting even
while missing limbs or with massive holes blown through their bodies. Even in death they can kill, as weapons
that inflict heavy trauma to them will cause their pressurized bloodstream to explode, raining acid down on
anything within range. It should also be noted that it appears flamethrowers cause the same effect and should
be used with caution against these creatures.

While many marines believe them to be dumb animals, Warriors possess a keen ability to learn and adapt.
They will utilize stealth tactics to ambush their targets, flank their opponents from multiple angles (including
from above and below), and even sacrifice one of their own to engage an enemy that thought they were safe
behind a bulkhead.

Box contains:

  • 5x 32mm resin miniature
  • 5x ping tokens
  • 1x stat card
  • 5x plastic base


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AVP Alien Warriors UniCast

AVP Alien Warriors UniCast

Fully developed and mature alien warrior is core of Alien Hive.

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