About us

Have you always dreamed of designing your own miniatures, of personalising them? 

Well now you can! With Prodos Games' new service you can commission your own miniature head design. All you need to do is send us some photos and we will 3D render your chosen head. We can even turn you into an Orc, Dwarf, Elf or Zombie, for example. Once we have the render complete we will then vary the features so you could have someone screaming, concentrating, grimacing, thinking, happy or sad for example.

Once there are 5 variants we will print them on our state of the art printer and then cast them for you!

How much will all that cost, I hear you ask, hundreds of pounds/dollars/Euros right? WRONG...For a 3D render of your chosen head, then sculpted in 5 variants and then 2 of each variant printed the cost is just £80.

If you want more heads we can cast a set of the 5 variants for £4/set, add them in the multiples you want in the shop.

Please email us at service@prodos.co.uk

This service is available only to 'Individuals' and products may not be recast for resale or sale. Prodos Games Ltd reserves the copyright on all 3D designs, however individual customers have permission to recast from their commissioned prints or casts for their own personal use.