Dutch Schaeffer and Linn Kurosawa Bonus Set

Dutch Schaeffer and Linn Kurosawa Bonus Set

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Two legendary cyborgs from AvP Arcade Game are now available. Compatible with with AvP board game and Unleashed wargame expansion. 

Dutch Schaeffer is a no-nonsense Major in the USCM and an experimental ‘half-synthetic’ cyborg developed by
Weyland-Yutani Corporation after his arm was torn off in an off-world colonial resistance against a xenomorph
hive. The only other known example of a cyborg in the USCM is Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa, who Dutch famously
teamed up with after their supporting USCM squads were all but wiped out during a Xenomorph invasion of
San Drad, California on Earth. Interestingly, Dutch and Linn also temporarily allied themselves with two yautja
during that incursion, but that has since become highly classified and sensitive information, of which both
Dutch and Linn have been programmed to forget about due to many suggestive rumours about Weyland-Yutani
Corporation involvement.
Schaeffer is a heavy-set Olympian of a man, enhanced by bionics throughout his body and carries an impossible
to ignore cybernetic arm which he uses to smash his foes into the ground, grapple them, throw them or simply
blast them to pieces with the M56 Smartgun mounted within it. Without the physique Schaeffer has maintained
for himself, using this device would be practically impossible for any human to utilize.

Linn Kurosawa is a petite, cyborg soldier, but her size is no means indicative of her combat prowess. Where
her counterpart Dutch is a wall of muscle and machine, Linn is a whirlwind of destruction armed with a pair of
M7 heavy autopistols and a katana that has been honed to a mono-molecular edge, and able to cut through
nearly any armour. Linn’s armaments don’t end there though, as she has an over-flowing arsenal of martial arts
techniques which she applies in all kinds of combinations to deal a crushing, but utterly puzzling, blow to her
adversaries. Since the xenomorph infestation incident of San Drad, Linn has continued to command the 13th
USCM company and has seen far more off-world combat than Schaeffer, often in unexpected locations. To this
day, Dutch and Linn team up in a variety of combat zones against all manner of foe.

Set contains:

2x UniCast miniatures

2x stat cards

2x ping tokens


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Dutch Schaeffer and Linn Kurosawa Bonus Set

Dutch Schaeffer and Linn Kurosawa Bonus Set

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