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    Box contains

    •     5x resin models
    •     5x bases


    The pack contains also a rocket launcher conversion arms (not shown on the picture).



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    Like the crusaders, the box contents also an alternative right arm with a rocket launcher on the shoulder.
    There is also a 2nd set of 5 pauldrons (showing a kind of phylactery scroll with a winged skull) on the shop picture only the left shoulder has a pauldron. You can use the pauldron on both shoulders except for the one with a rocket.
    The body has holes and the arms dowel pin that ease greatly the assembly. You can even test the position without glue. However the base needs to be drilled to insert the foot in as just inserting "flat foot" leave the minis standing on one foot only quite weak.
    Note that the position where the gun is held with both hands can only be obtain after some converting work, not via basic positionning.

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